Our Mission 

To promote, educate & encourage good ferret husbandry and change the old myths surrounding ferrets.

To provide a friendly, welcoming place for ferret enthusiasts in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Our Guidelines for being a member of NSFC.

To advise ferret owners and potential ferret owners of how to care correctly for ferrets.

Raise awareness of ferrets and the joy they can be as pets and workers.

We do not promote ferret breeding but of course some may wish to raise there own litter & we will where possible encourage sensible and responsible breeding practises.  Although we will never reccommend any breeder but encourage potential adopters to contact rescues where possible as first port of call.

Ferrets will never be bought or sold at any of our venues and anybody caught doing so will have their membership revoked(without refund) 

The NSFC excepts no responsibility of disputes that may arise between breeders and rescues.

We encourage all members to be polite and friendly to other members and public at all times.